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The relationship between the pump valve and the rubber diaphragm

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的基础知识,就像学算术,得先认识数字一样 Where there is a pump, there is a valve, and where there is a valve, a diaphragm is inseparable. What kind of connection is there between the pump, valve, and diaphragm? Before talking about the connection, it is necessary to spread it to everyone. Basic knowledge of pumps, valves, rubber diaphragms , just like learning arithmetic, you must first understand the numbers


  There are many types of pumps, including water pumps, oil pumps, and air pumps, which can be divided into electric, power, and centrifugal types according to the driving mode and working principle. The pumps we often see for watering and irrigation belong to water pumps, and The total output of water pumps accounts for more than half of all pumps

流体可以是液体,也可以是气体) ,另外说起用来输送流体的机械,中国水车历史更加久远,公元1世纪就有了,而流量的多少,扬程,转速,则是区分泵性能好坏的主要标准, Although there are many types of pumps, their functions are the same: they are used to transport or pressurize fluids ( fluids can be liquid or gas ) . In addition, when talking about the machinery used to transport fluids, Chinese waterwheels have a longer history It was available in the first century AD, and the flow rate, head, and speed are the main criteria to distinguish the performance of the pump.

密封性的要求比较高,如有密封性不好,则会影响到产品的性能 Pumps are used to transport and pressurize fluids, yes, they are relatively simple, but good multi-functionality is achieved by transporting and pressurizing fluids, such as the hydraulic system of an excavator, the opening and closing of aircraft wings, and the raising and lowering of submarines. Wait, and say that the understanding of the pump is a little bit more, and the realization of these functions requires a higher seal of the rubber diaphragm . If the seal is not good, it will affect the performance of the product


Next, the valve can be divided into: drain valve, exhaust valve, oil discharge valve, and sewage valve according to the different conveying media. According to the function, it can be divided into: a shut-off valve for opening and closing, this is the simplest type However, the larger the diameter of such a valve, the more difficult it is to open and close, as well as the check valve to prevent fluid backflow, and the pneumatic vacuum valve and vacuum ball valve used in the vacuum system. According to the driving principle, it can be: manual, pneumatic , Electromagnetic, electric, turbine, etc.

Although there are many types, they all have similar functions. They can be summarized as: used to open and close, control the pressure of the fluid, the direction and speed of the flow, the flow rate and the pressure.

厂家最基本要求,另外在后期使用时,也要特别注意这两点,要经常做密封性测试,和防锈处理, The structure of different types of valves is slightly different, but they all have the same basic requirements: tightness is an important indicator of valve performance, and fluid cannot overflow when closed, which is more important for flammable and toxic media. Even if it is a leak, it is unthinkable. Second, it is resistant to wear and tear and cannot be broken for a few times. This is also the most basic requirement for manufacturers of rubber diaphragms . In addition, special attention should be paid to these two points in later use. Do regular leak tests and anti-rust treatments,



多为金属)和工作环境的影响,泵阀不可避免的会出现腐蚀、磨损等影响产品性能的情况,最后不得不更换设备,对企业来说造成了资金的浪费,更对资源的利用造成了浪费,在这样的背景下,陶瓷、塑料等新型泵体材料成了行业发展的新趋势,这也是欧美品牌有竞争力的原因,不仅因为成本低,而且较一般泵体材料耐用 Before talking about the diaphragm, we cannot prevent the development trend of the pump valve. Due to the influence of its own materials ( mostly metal ) and the working environment, the pump valve will inevitably suffer from corrosion, wear and other conditions that affect the performance of the product. Finally, Having to replace equipment has resulted in a waste of funds for the enterprise and a waste of resources. In this context, new pump body materials such as ceramics and plastics have become a new trend in the development of the industry. This is also a European and American brand. Competitive reasons, not only because of low cost, but also more durable than ordinary pump materials

的文章,相信大家对膜片已经有了比较多的认识,膜片其实除了应用在泵阀等机械行业,在喇叭、空气净化器上也可以看到它的影子,而对泵阀来说不管是什么流体介质,只要有开合的地方,必然存在着不同程度的泄漏问题,而膜片的存在,除了调节压力/流量、减震/缓冲等作用,最基础、也是最重要的作用就是解决密封性问题,而使用的不同材料,如尼龙、棉质帆布丶伸缩布、涤纶布料等,是为了使膜片在不同工作环境中达到不同的性能,如柔韧性、耐高压、耐腐蚀、耐撕裂等 I finally talked about the diaphragm. I previously gave you a popular science article on rubber diaphragms . I believe that everyone has already learned a lot about diaphragms. In fact, diaphragms are actually used in mechanical industries such as pumps and valves, and in horns and air purifiers. You can also see its shadow. Regardless of the fluid medium for the pump valve, as long as there are openings and closings, there must be leakage problems to varying degrees. The existence of the diaphragm, in addition to adjusting pressure / flow, damping / Buffer and other functions, the most basic and most important role is to solve the problem of tightness, and the use of different materials, such as nylon, cotton canvas, stretch cloth, polyester cloth, etc., is to make the diaphragm in different working environments to achieve Different properties, such as flexibility, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, etc.

At this point, the pump, valve, and diaphragm have been introduced. In a brief summary, the pump is used to convey fluid, the valve is used to control the opening and closing of the fluid, the diaphragm is sealed, and the pressure and flow are adjusted.


橡胶膜片 25年,提供从材料研发,模具开发,到硅橡胶产品制造的整体解决方案,欢迎来厂参观考察。 Yongyong Silicon Rubber has been focusing on rubber diaphragms for 25 years, providing overall solutions from material research and development, mold development, and manufacturing of silicone rubber products. Welcome to visit our factory.

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