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Analysis of NBR rubber material

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Nitrile rubber is produced by emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile. Nitrile rubber is mainly produced by low-temperature emulsion polymerization. It has excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, and strong adhesion. . Its disadvantages are poor low temperature resistance, poor ozone resistance, poor insulation performance and slightly lower elasticity. Nitrile rubber is mainly used to make oil-resistant rubber products . NBR ,由丁二烯与丙烯腈共聚而制得的一种合成橡胶。 Referred to as NBR , a synthetic rubber made by copolymerizing butadiene and acrylonitrile. ( 尤其是烷烃油 ) 、耐老化性能较好的合成橡胶。 It is a synthetic rubber with good oil resistance ( especially paraffin oil ) and good aging resistance. (%) 42 46 36 41 31 35 25 30 18 24 等五种。 There are five kinds of acrylonitrile content (%) in the nitrile rubber, such as 42 to 46 , 36 to 41 , 31 to 35 , 25 to 30 , and 18 to 24 . , 但耐寒性则相应下降。 The more acrylonitrile content, the better the oil resistance , but the cold resistance decreases accordingly. 120℃ 的空气中或在 150℃ 的油中长期使用。 It can be used for a long time in air at 120 ° C or in oil at 150 ° C. In addition, it also has good water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding properties. It is widely used in the production of various oil-resistant rubber products, a variety of oil-resistant gaskets, gaskets, sleeves, flexible packaging, flexible hoses, printing and dyeing rubber rollers, cable adhesive materials, etc., and has become essential in the automotive, aviation, petroleum, and copying industries Elastic material.


具有优异的耐油性。 NBR has excellent oil resistance. 1,2- 焼基三种不同的链结构。 Butadiene monomers can be copolymerized into three different chain structures: cis, trans and 1,2- fluorenyl. NBR 结构中反式占约 78% In a typical NBR structure, trans accounts for about 78% . NBR 分子链结构中含有氰基 , 耐油性 ( 如耐矿物油、液体燃料、动植物油和溶剂 ) 优于天然橡胶、氯丁橡胶和丁苯橡胶。 Because NBR molecular chain structure contains cyano groups , oil resistance ( such as resistance to mineral oil, liquid fuel, animal and vegetable oils and solvents ) is better than natural rubber, neoprene and styrene-butadiene rubber. NBR 有更宽域的使用温度 , 它的长期使用温度为 120oC ,同时 NBR 具有良好的耐低温性能 , 最低玻璃化温度可达 -55oC Compared with other rubbers, NBR has a wider range of use temperature . Its long-term use temperature is 120oC . At the same time, NBR has good low temperature resistance and the lowest glass transition temperature can reach -55oC .

耐化学稳定性好 . 加工性能良好 , 随着其结构中的丙炼腈含量其相对密度增大 , 硫化速度加快 , 拉伸强度性能提高 , 但回弹性能下降 , 耐寒性变差。 NBR has good chemical resistance . It has good processability . As the content of propionitrile in its structure increases , its relative density increases , its vulcanization speed increases , and its tensile strength properties increase . NBR 中的氰基容易电场极化 , 因而介电性能下降 , 是半导体橡胶。 The cyano group in NBR is easy to be polarized by the electric field , so the dielectric properties are reduced and it is a semiconductor rubber. 可以按 ACN 含量的高低 , 分为超高、高、中高、中和低丙稀腈 5 类。 NBR can be divided into five types : ultra-high, high, medium-high, medium and low-acrylonitrile according to the level of ACN . Production methods are divided into two types of continuous and batch polymerization. , 消耗低。 The continuous polymerization method is usually used for small variety and large-volume production with low consumption. , 聚合签使用数量少 , 工程建设消耗高。 The batch polymerization method is suitable for multi-variety and small-batch production . The number of polymerization batches is small , and the construction cost is high. , 还看不出相互替代的趋势。 So far , no mutual replacement trend has been seen.

, 但长期在在酸性汽油和高温 (150oC) 环境中使用性能不如氟样胶和丙稀酸酷 , 为此德国公司 , 加拿大公司和日本公司开发出性能优异的氢化丁腈橡胶 (HNBR) Although nitrile rubber has excellent physical and mechanical properties and processing properties , it has not been used for a long time in acid gasoline and high temperature (150oC) environments. Developed excellent hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) . , 还开发了具有极超耐寒性和高纯度丁腈检胶及梭基丁腈橡胶 (XNBR) 等。 In addition , it has also developed ultra-low-temperature resistance and high-purity nitrile rubber and shuttle base nitrile rubber (XNBR) .

具良好的抗油、抗水、抗溶剂及抗高压油的特性。 1. Good resistance to oil, water, solvents and high pressure oil.
具良好的压缩歪,抗磨及伸长力。 2. With good compression distortion, anti-wear and elongation.
用于制作燃油箱、润滑油箱以及在石油系液压油、汽油、水、滑脂、硅油、二酯系润滑油、醇 3.Used to make fuel tanks, lubricating oil tanks, and in petroleum-based hydraulic oils, gasoline, water, grease, silicone oil, diester-based lubricants, alcohols
It is a rubber part used in fluid medium such as hydraulic oil, especially a sealing part.
20Mpa Depending on the material, the static use pressure is less than 20Mpa . 5Mpa ,及半导体真空密封。 Sometimes it is also used for dynamic, when the dynamic pressure is less than 5Mpa , and the semiconductor vacuum seal.
0.35-12mm 内径可达到 1000mm 及以上 Available sizes are: cross-section diameter is about 0.35-12mm, inner diameter can reach 1000mm and above
O 形密封件具有如下的诸多优点: Compared with other sealing elements, O -shaped seals have many advantages as follows:
结构简单,整体式沟槽设计,降低了加工和设计费用; -Simple structure, integrated groove design, reducing processing and design costs;
结构紧凑,零件外形小; -Compact structure and small parts appearance;
安装简便,降低了风险; -Easy installation and reduced risk;
可以应用于各种密封问题,如:静态密封、动态密封、单作用和双作用密封; -Can be applied to various sealing problems, such as: static sealing, dynamic sealing, single acting and double acting sealing;
材料选择范围宽,适用于绝大多数流体。 -Wide selection of materials, suitable for most fluids.
Feature description
Nitrile rubber has excellent resistance to petroleum-based products. Its use temperature range can be adjusted by special formulas.
-55°C~125°C -67°F~275°F ),是最为广泛应用的密封件材料。 Expanded to -55 ° C ~ 125 ° C ( -67 ° F ~ 275 ° F ), it is the most widely used seal material.
NBR 分子中的丙烯腈( ACN )含量是可 Nitrile rubber is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile. The content of acrylonitrile ( ACN ) in NBR molecules is
18 50% ),可借此调整材料的耐油与耐低温性能。 Variable ( 18 to 50% ), which can adjust the material's oil resistance and low temperature resistance. The more acrylonitrile content
The higher the resistance to lubricants and fuels, the lower the elasticity at low temperatures. In contrast, when the acrylonitrile content
The lower the resistance, the better the drip temperature resistance, but at the expense of the resistance to lubricating oil and fuel. AN Military specifications AN and
O 型圈规格则要求低丙烯腈配方的丁腈橡胶来确保其耐低温性能。 The O -ring specifications of MS require low-acrylonitrile nitrile rubber to ensure its low temperature resistance.
Nitrile rubber has excellent compression set, tear resistance and abrasion resistance, but it does not have good weather resistance and resistance.
Ozone function and only moderate heat resistance.
. Excellent compression set
. Superior tear resistance
. Good abrasion resistance
. Ozone, sunlight, poor weather resistance
. Medium heat resistance
Special application
. 饮用水认证材料 NSF 61 drinking water certification material
. WRC 、德国 KTW 饮用水认证材料 UK WRC , Germany KTW drinking water certification materials
. 认证白名单材料 FDA certified whitelist material
特殊配方 -55°~125°C ° C -40 ° ~ 100 ° C special formula -55 ° ~ 125 ° C
° F -40 ° ~ 212  

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