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Elaborate on new energy vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell rubber gaskets

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之前,我们先来思考下现有各类型汽车存在的问题。 Before talking about new energy vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell rubber gaskets , let us first consider the problems existing in various types of vehicles.
With the industrial revolution, it has been more than a century since the automobile revolution. Various problems such as comfort, safety, and speed have been continuously improved, but the energy problem has not been completely solved. What are the problems?
柴油的不可再生与污染,纯电动汽车的续航时间短和充电时间长问题,油电混合型主要还是使用燃油,只是能耗稍低些, The non-renewable and pollution of gasoline / diesel used by traditional fuel vehicles, the short battery life and long charging time of pure electric vehicles, the fuel-electric hybrid mainly uses fuel, but the energy consumption is slightly lower.
With the intensification of global warming, more and more automobile manufacturers are aware of the unsustainability of traditional fuel vehicles, and it is urgent to find new energy sources as a source of power. It can be said that which manufacturer solves the energy problem and who will compete in the future. Has an absolute advantage in


比如甲醇/天然气等)所具有的化学能转换成电能的一种装置,而不是先把电储存起来用的时候再释放, In this context, fuel cells have entered everyone's field of vision. Unlike ordinary batteries, it is a type of power generator. It is a device that converts chemical energy in fuel ( such as methanol / natural gas ) into electrical energy. Instead of releasing electricity when it is stored,
,是传统内燃机的2-3倍,并且制氢来源丰富,电解水,甲醇,乙醇,天然气等都可以,它其实很早就应用在航天领域,但因为当时制氢、储运、应用等方面技术的不成熟,所以并没有广泛的应用开来,尤其是氢燃料电池橡胶密封垫在当时并没有特别好的解决方案, Using hydrogen as a fuel cell, the energy conversion rate is 60% -80% , which is 2-3 times that of a traditional internal combustion engine, and the source of hydrogen production is rich. Electrolyzed water, methanol, ethanol, natural gas, etc. can be used. It is actually used very early In the aerospace field, due to the immature technology of hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and application at the time, it was not widely used. Especially the hydrogen fuel cell rubber gaskets did not have a particularly good solution at the time.


万多件,并且其发布了全球首款量产氢燃料电池汽车Mirai ,加氢5公斤,可行驶500公里。 After decades of development, hydrogen fuel cells have made great progress, especially Toyota, with more than 10,000 patent applications for hydrogen fuel cells, and it has released Mirai , the world ’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. With 5 kg of hydrogen, it can travel 500 kilometers.

要满足哪些要求: Next, talk about what requirements a hydrogen fuel cell rubber gasket needs to meet:
绝缘性,燃料电池堆是由多个单体电池组成的,如引起短路,其后果不堪设想, 1. Insulation. The fuel cell stack is composed of multiple single cells. If a short circuit is caused, the consequences are unimaginable.
气体阻隔性,要保证氧气和氢气的密封性,不能泄露, 2. Gas barrier properties, to ensure the tightness of oxygen and hydrogen, can not leak,
、材料要能吸收冲击和振动,因为它工作在汽车中,驾驶中的颠簸不可避免 3 , the material must be able to absorb shock and vibration, because it works in the car, bumps in driving are inevitable
、要有耐酸性、耐高温,这是最基本的当然还有很多其他的要求,因为商业的问题,原谅小编不能一一列举,我司在2017年为中国科学院大连化学物理研究所,设计并生产了用在宝马汽车上的燃料电池氟橡胶密封垫 ,并合作至今,相信大家可以从合作的客户中看出我司的实力 4. It must have acid resistance and high temperature resistance. This is the most basic. Of course, there are many other requirements. Because of commercial problems, I forgive Xiaobian for not listing them one by one. Our company was the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017 . Designed and produced fuel cell fluororubber gaskets for BMW cars , and have cooperated so far. I believe that you can see our strength from our customers.

涌永硅橡胶 25年,提供从材料研发,模具开发,到氢燃料电池橡胶密封垫产品制造的整体解决方案,欢迎来厂参观考察。 Yongyong Silicon Rubber has been focusing on hydrogen fuel cell rubber gaskets for 25 years and provides overall solutions from material research and development, mold development, to hydrogen fuel cell rubber gasket product manufacturing. Website: xtvee.com
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