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Some Thoughts on China Made 2025 and Silicone Rubber Products Industry

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scan it! 中国制造2025与硅橡胶制品行业的一些思考 scan it!
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产业的不断升级和成熟,以及材料成本的持续上涨, 行业的恶性竞争,使我国劳动密集型产业越来越意识到形势局面的严峻性,尤其是以美国为首的西方发达国家重回高端制造业,低端制造又向低成本国家转移,在这样的“双重挤压下,使我国民营企业越来越意识到传统制造方式的难以为继 With the continuous development of society, the continuous upgrade and maturity of the silicone rubber product industry, and the continuous rise in material costs, the vicious competition in the industry has made China's labor-intensive industries more and more aware of the seriousness of the situation, especially the United States The western developed countries , led by them, returned to high-end manufacturing, and low-end manufacturing shifted to low-cost countries. Under such a "double squeeze," our private enterprises have become increasingly aware of the unsustainability of traditional manufacturing methods.


行业的生产过程中,需要较多的人工工序,比如从生胶原料的采集与加工,橡胶材料的精炼,到模具的设计与开发,再到产品的成型和硫化,以及最后的人工全栓,这些环节都会增加企业经营成本, 使得人员工资在产品的生产成本中占有较大比例,最后反映产品单价上:高出次发展中国家太多,最后企业竞争力自然下降, In the traditional manufacturing industry, human resource costs are the main cost component of the enterprise. For example, in the production process of the silicone rubber product industry, more manual processes are required, such as the collection and processing of raw rubber materials, and the refining of rubber materials. To the design and development of the mold, to the molding and vulcanization of the product, and the final manual full bolt, these links will increase the operating costs of the enterprise, making the personnel salary a large proportion of the production cost of the product , and finally reflects the unit price of the product: Too much higher than in developing countries, and finally the competitiveness of enterprises naturally declines.

老龄化趋势在短期内难以逆转,这使中国在 人口红利方面的优势逐渐消失,招人难,用工难已经被很多企业感受到,实际上对中国来说这才是刚刚开始,而很多发达中国家已经被这个问题困扰了很长时间 The aging trend is difficult to reverse in the short term, which has gradually eliminated China's advantages in terms of demographic dividends. It is difficult to recruit people. The difficulty in employment has been felt by many companies. In fact, this is just the beginning for China and many developed countries. China has been plagued by this problem for a long time


争力。 In this macro context, countries around the world have successively launched different strategic plans, "Made in China 2025", the "National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing in the United States", "Industry 4.0" in Germany, and "New Strategy for Robots" in Japan, although the names are different, But the common core of these national strategies is: intelligent manufacturing, hoping to use digital, automated, and intelligent technology to reduce dependence on labor, and to achieve high-efficiency, green, high-quality goals to enhance the competitiveness of different countries. 硅橡胶制品

的期望值的不断提高, 纯人工操作已不能满足对产品的高品质要求,企业对产品的高品质诉求需求愈发强烈,产业链上下游也对自动化、智能化有着迫切需求, Specific to itself, with the development and maturity of the entire industry, the expectations of end-users for silicone rubber products continue to increase, pure manual operation can no longer meet the high quality requirements for products, and the demand for high quality products from enterprises has become stronger The upstream and downstream of the industrial chain also have urgent needs for automation and intelligence.

年的涌永深刻明白,历史潮流从不会因为个体意志而改变,涌永也一直在思考和实践如何参与到这场历史转折中, 从采购全自动硅胶研磨机、光学筛选仪,再到最近参加CMM展会(中国电子制造自动化&资源展) ,涌永一直在优化效率、降低成本,并提升品质的路上, The poor thinks about change, and the poor finds solutions. After 25 years of Yongyong's profound understanding, the historical trend will never change because of individual will. Yongyong has also been thinking and practicing how to participate in this historical turn, from procurement Full-automatic silica gel grinder, optical screen, and recently participated in the CMM exhibition ( China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition ) , Yong Yong has been on the way to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality,

History and progress, embrace change or ignore it, there is an ending from the beginning


硅橡胶制品 25年,提供从材料研发,模具开发,到硅橡胶产品制造的整体解决方案,欢迎来厂参观考察。 Yongyong Silicon Rubber has been focusing on silicone rubber products for 25 years. It provides overall solutions from material research and development, mold development, and manufacturing of silicone rubber products. Welcome to visit our factory.

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