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Impact of Sino-US trade war on silicone rubber products industry

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提升至25% 、封锁华为,最近贸易战愈演愈烈, 13号晚间的新闻联播也罕见使用贸易战“一词,并连日播放奇袭、上甘岭等表达朝鲜战争的电影,其意义不言而喻。 The ZTE incident, tariffs increased from 10% to 25% , and Huawei was blocked. Recently, the trade war has intensified. The ⎝⎛正规网赌app⎞⎠ webcast on the evening of the 13th also rarely used the term " trade war", and played surprise movies, Shangganling and other movies expressing the Korean War. The meaning is self-evident.

提升至25% ,由价值500亿美元的商品扩增至2000亿,对很多以出口贸易为生存的制造业却是致命的打击(许多硅橡胶制品公司都是以出口为主),间接受伤的还是普通老百姓 Tariffs have been raised from 10% to 25% , from $ 50 billion worth of goods to 200 billion, which is a fatal blow to many manufacturing industries that rely on export trade (many silicone rubber products companies are mainly export-oriented) Ordinary people are injured indirectly


所用的原料,就需要进口),一个国家为了不影响自己国货的生意,通常都会采取不同的措施来控制进口量,常见是控制进口量,还有就是提高关税, First of all, what is import and export trade, that is, the goods of one country are sold to another country, so one buy and one sale is import and export trade (such as silicon and rubber products used in raw materials, you need to import), a country in order not to affect itself The business of domestic products usually adopts different measures to control the amount of imports, which is usually to control the amount of imports, and to increase tariffs.

亿美元(贸易逆差就是指一个国家进口的多于出口) ,现在应该明白,美国为什么会发动贸易战了,浅显点就是你赚的比我多,我就要加你关税,而关税提高,自然会含在商品的价格,导致产品没有竞争力,接着订单减少,企业收入下降,为此不得不裁掉一些人员,最后个人庭收入减少 And China is a big trading country. Now the US trade deficit with China is about 500 billion US dollars (the trade deficit means that a country imports more than exports ) . Now it should be understood why the United States launched a trade war. The obvious point is that you make money. More than me, I will increase your tariff, and the increase in tariffs will naturally be included in the price of the product, resulting in uncompetitive products. Then the order decreases, and the company's income decreases. Therefore, some people have to be laid off . Reduced court income


But when you increase tariffs, you increase tariffs. Why should China block technology companies? Perhaps it can be seen from the US's unreasonable demands on China,

Here are eight U.S. requests from China:

一年内减少贸易顺差1000亿美元,之后一年再减少1000亿美元; 1. Reduce the trade surplus by US $ 100 billion in one year, and reduce by US $ 100 billion in the following year;
停止《中国制造2025 》中对先进制造业的补贴;接受美国对《中国制造2025 》产业的潜在进口限制; 2. Stop subsidies for advanced manufacturing in "Made in China 2025 "; accept potential import restrictions on the "Made in China 2025 " industry from the United States;
实施直接的,可验证的措施 ,阻止网络间谍入侵美国商业网络; 3. Implement " direct, verifiable measures " to prevent cyber spies from invading US commercial networks;
加强知识产权保护; 4. Strengthen intellectual property protection;
接受美国对中国的敏感技术投资的限制,并不进行报复; 5. Accept U.S. restrictions on sensitive technology investments in China without retaliation;
将目前10 %的平均关税降至与美国相同水平( 3.5 %); 6. Reduce the current average tariff of 10 % to the same level as the United States ( 3.5 %);
开放服务业和农业; 7. Open up service industry and agriculture;
两国须在每季度共同审查进展情况 8. The two countries must jointly review progress on a quarterly basis

项,“停止《中国制造2025 》中对先进制造业的补贴“,可以看出来,美国发动贸易战的最终目的是想干预中国制造2025的计划,, Looking at the second item, "Stop the subsidy for advanced manufacturing in" Made in China 2025 ", we can see that the ultimate purpose of the United States launching a trade war is to intervene in the plan of Made in China 2025 ,

This is completely unreasonable, comparable to the Ugly Treaty! We Chinese things, why do you interfere? Fortunately, China is not China many years ago, and no one will be slaughtered anymore!

行业,此次贸易战对我公司的影响是非常有限的,主要有以下两方面原因: Speaking of the silicone rubber products industry, the impact of this trade war on our company is very limited, mainly due to the following two reasons:

现阶段我们主要服务于美国之外的市场,如日本,东南亚和国内市场,所生产的汽车天线橡胶在日系汽车品牌中超过80% ,是兄弟打印机10余年供应商,比亚迪、丰田都是我们的长期合作客户,营业收入连续3年保持30%以上的复合增长 1. At this stage, we mainly serve markets outside the United States, such as Japan, Southeast Asia, and the domestic market. The automobile antenna rubber we produce is more than 80% of Japanese automobile brands. It is a supplier of brother printers for more than 10 years. BYD and Toyota are both Our long-term cooperative customers have maintained a compound growth of more than 30% for 3 consecutive years

不同于其他公司,我们提供从材料、模具开发到硅橡胶产品制造的整体生产加工服务,减少中间环节,因此省掉了很多成本,并引进全自动研磨机、光学筛查仪,提高效率、检查质量的同时,还节省了很多人工成本 2. Unlike other companies, we provide overall production and processing services from material and mold development to silicone rubber product manufacturing, reducing intermediate links, thus saving a lot of costs, and introducing full-automatic grinding machines and optical screeners to improve efficiency When checking the quality, it also saved a lot of labor costs

Finally, quote from the ⎝⎛正规网赌app⎞⎠ webcast:
With regard to the trade war initiated by the United States, China has long stated its attitude: it is unwilling to fight, but is not afraid to fight, and has to fight when necessary.
In the face of both American hard and soft, China has already given the answer: talk, the door is open; fight, stay with you to the end.
What kind of battle has the Chinese nation experienced after more than 5,000 years of ups and downs? "
In the great process of national rejuvenation, there will inevitably be difficulties, dangers and even rough seas. The U.S.-led trade war with China is but a hurdle in China's development process. It is not a big deal. China will surely stand up to difficulties, turn crisis into opportunity, and create a new world.
No matter how the external situation changes, the most important thing for China is to do its own thing, continue to deepen reform, expand opening up, and achieve high-quality economic development.
The next step for the United States is to talk, fight, or take other actions. China has already prepared a policy toolbox and is ready for a comprehensive response.
As President Xi Jinping pointed out, China ’s economy is a sea, not a small pond; a squall can overturn a small pond, but it cannot overturn the sea; after numerous storms, the sea is still there!

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